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Steam carpet cleaning is different from dry chemical cleaning often used by some cleaning companies. It has to be understood that steam cleaning does not employ steam in cleaning the carpet but the steam is used to activate the detergent in the steam cleaning machine. Subsequently the detergent cleans the carpet. Chemical cleaning also employs a limited amount of water. One benefit of steam cleaning is that it eliminates any toxic hazards that come with dry chemical cleaning. Carpet clean with steam, however, takes your carpet longer to dry before it can be used again. At Grapevine TX Carpet Cleaning we offer our clients the steam cleaning option.

Many carpet manufacturers recommend the use of steam cleaning. As a matter of fact some will not offer a warranty for the carpet unless steam cleaning is used as the only carpet cleaning method. Our technicians are equipped with capacity to provide an excellent thorough clean for your carpet. The drying time is also minimal. Over and above carpet cleaning, we also offer professional carpet repair services. Our technicians at Grapevine TX Carpet Cleaning are trained to clean and repair carpets.

We do offer organic carpet cleaning services as well. We employ natural and chemical free methods during carpet cleaning for a healthy and environmentally friendly cleaning solution. Chemical carpet cleaning can be a source of allergies and many respiratory issues. This is why at Grapevine TX Carpet Cleaning we avoid chemicals when we can.