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When you need cleaning floor tiles service in your home or office, you are in good hands of Dallas TX Porcelain Tile Cleaning experts. It is not just scrubbing and mopping that clean your tiles in general, but our grout cleaning methods absorb all debris and dirt.

Are looking for a specialist to clean your home porcelain floor? Porcelain tiles made of thick dust pressed method from porcelain clays to make it dense, hard and impervious. They are famous due to their durability and high water resistance, and they are of various categories worth for you to know which installed in your home or office for maintenance reasons. They include single bodied, full bodied and micro-porous porcelain tiles. Mostly these tiles are glazed however some are textured which traps dirt, and they will need Dallas TX Porcelain Tile Cleaning regular cleaning porcelain tiles service.

As our name suggests, cleaning porcelain floor tiles is our technical expert field. We at Dallas TX Porcelain Tile Cleaning clean your dirty porcelain tiles with more than just water by adding vinegar to a bucket of water, mop it and dry it when done. The use of vinegar solution is to deodorize, disinfect and clean the surface. In case your tiles are stained with coffee or wine stains, our experts recommend immediate cleaning however if there delay the use of baking soda and simple scrub will do. When it comes to porcelain tiles cleaning due to mud, we use the vacuum hose to suck the debris and finally removing hard water stains from the porcelain tiles we use vinegar and warm water to scour repeatedly, and your tiles are back to normal state.


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